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Meet Designer Cheryl McCain and Sample A Freebie! May 2, 2011

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Scrapbooking has been a part of my life since 1996 when I began paper scrapping with the ladies at our Church.  After 4 years,  I found digital scrapping and knew this was for me.  I began designing soon after, and have sold at several sites .

My heart lies in leaving a legacy for my children and grandchildren.  I’ve embarked on a journey of leaving an album for each of them called “My Life Before I Was Your Mother”.  It’s a work in progress and I know they’ll appreciate it one day.  I only wish I’d had something like this from my parents and grandparents to look back on.  I want my children and future generations to know where they came from and who they are.

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Meet Designer Ruth Davis and Enjoy a Sample Freebie March 31, 2011

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I love art.   All forms. I love to paint and pencil sketch, however both of these have really taken a back seat to digital art. I do still dabble and I like to incorporate my art into my digital creations. The day that I googled “digital scrapping” is a day that really changed my life. Quickly addicted, I began pouring myself into layouts. Layouts about my children, layouts about my past, layouts about me. Little did I know, that this would become a journey of self discovery, inner strength and freedom. Little did I know, that I would become a designer through wonderful support and encouragement from members of this fantastic team. And, little did I know, that I would create strong and true friendships. Grateful, I am.







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March Spotlight on Designer Betsy Fawk of The Busy Elf Designs Plus a Freebie March 4, 2011

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Betsy lives with her husband and a multitude of animals in a small town in Oregon. Their two girls are grown; one married and the other just out of college. So except for the noise from the animals (yes, there is a parrot involved!), its gotten pretty quiet. A perfect time for Betsy to get back in the creative swing. She has sold one of a kind designer dolls before and got into the digital world a couple of years ago. Now it is a rare day when you don’t find her tapping away at her lap-top.

She spends her free time reading, taking photos, and playing with her new ‘Baby’, the pup ‘Indiana Bones’. She is a lover of all things sci-fi and fantasy and conversely anything antique. She is brimming with new ideas for Digital kits, that she can’t wait to share with you!

The Busy Elf Kits

Coeur de Coeurs


Shadow Dreams

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Sweets and Treats by Elaine Dennison February 14, 2011

It’s February and the days are beginning to length and the promise of spring seems near.  The middle of the month brings us to Saint Valentine’s Day and the thoughts of love.  This month, our team worked on their choice of two themes:  Sweets for the Sweet or How do we Treat Ourselves.

Let’s begin with  “How I treat Myself”…

My $2 Treat by JD's Mom (Carol)

Carol,  aka JD’s Mom, did a great job of telling me about her page and with her permission, here’s her explanation:

“I took the “How We Treat Ourselves” theme to heart and looked down at my feet, which even in all this icy, wintry weather, I still had on my flip-flops.  I’m a flip-flop fan through-and-through and the cheaper the better.  They’re like reading glasses, you can never have too many or in too many colors!  Plus, if the dog chews them up or I break them, no sweat!!  I have been known to buy 6 or 8 pair at a time if I find them on sale…and my rule is never pay more than $2…unless they’re really, really cute.  It helps that I wear a size 2 and can buy them in the kids shoe section, lol!!

I used Julie Mead and Ruth Davis’ stunning collaboration Doodlicious which just JUMPED out at me when I was looking through the shop.  It is so bright and so cheerful–kinda the opposite of the weather we’ve had this past week!! ”

Thanks Carol for a stunning page and a wonderful reflection.

My Treat = Shopping by Art Teacher (Laura)

Art Teacher used paper and elements from Kay Elfin’s Lovey Dovey Addon and Paris Flea Market Scene 2 and frame cluster from Julie Mead’s Sweet Love Frames.  Laura’s journaling reads:  “Since I was about 12, I have loved going shopping for clothing and other “girly” things.  It never fails to cheer me up or get me motivated.  Of course, now that I’m the one paying, I have to use more common sense, but the main way I like to treat myself after a hard week is a little shopping trip!”

All I can add is that I can truly relate… retail therapy, YES!

My Valentine Candy Box by Scrapyardkath (Katherine)

And Scrapyardkath, oh my,  what a treat!  She used Things That Go Vroom ABR Brush Set by Julie Mead and Lovey Dovey by Kay Eflin.  Congrats on the gorgeous new car, Katherine!

Now let’s look at some Sweets for the Sweet…

All You Need is Cupcakes by Keling Bermuda (Sara)

I love Keling Bermurda’s  scrumptious  page…. chocolate cupcakes and raspberries – how divine!  She titled her creation, “All you need is … cupcakes” a take off on John Lennon’s song “All You Need is Love”.  Sara (aka Keling Bermuda) used Elements and Papers from True Love by Coppercurls Designs.

Sweets for my Guy by Lainey

Lainey used My Endless Love by Steph Designs to display the delicious chocolate covered strawberries that she fixed for her sweetie.  She explains that “it’s a traditional Valentine’s treat”.

Sweets for my Sweetie by Coppercurls (Roxie)

Coppercurls created a lovely page using Sierra Mini by Cheryl McCain, Sierra Petite by Cheryl McCain, and Paper Blenders by Coppercurls Designs.  The text reads:  ”Dear Blake, I know how much you love peanut butter and chocolate so I made these candies especially for you. I’m sorry you weren’t around to lick the chocolate from my hand. It was very good. Love, Roxi”    Great blending and yummy treats, Roxi!

Erica has been without a computer for the past couple of months and is now back with a passion.   She has provided some wonderful inspiration, both printable projects and layouts.  Welcome back, Erica!

Love Notes and Envelopes by Erica922 (Erica)

First Erica created some Valentine note cards and envelopes using Hearts and Flowers Revisited by Kay Elfin, Vintage Valentine Sweeties Stickers and Rub-Ons by Julie Mead, and Vintage Valentine Sweetie Paper Pack by Julie Mead.


Love Bookmark by Erica922 (Erica)

Next Erica made a lovely bookmark and matching envelope using Elements, Paper Pack, and Word Art from Kindred Spirits by Nifty Designers Series.   What a nice gift that would be to tuck into your sweetie’s lunch bag!

My Little Cookie by Erica922 (Erica)

Next up, is an adorable page of Erica’s little niece!  What a sweet photo!  Erica922 used Sweet Love Frames and Vintage Valentine Sweeties Stickers and Rub-Ons, both by Julie Mead.

Moments Together by Erica922 (Erica)

Erica created this beautiful page using Celebrate 08 by Julie Mead, Sierra Frame Cluster by Cheryl McCain, and Kindred Spirits Word Art by Nifty Designer Series.

As a treat for you, visit our previous posting,  Ready to Print Valentine Cards and Notes where Erica shared some of her lovely handiwork with everyone a few days ago.  Thanks, Erica!

That wraps up our team reveal on Sweets and Treats.  Remember to capture those Sweet moments and create tomorrow’s Treats.  Thanks for dropping by.


What’s New for Jan. 2011 by Elaine Dennison January 24, 2011

Time seems to be speeding right along, our first month of the new year is down to the final stretch.  This week, we will be highlighting new products for January.  As we are all growing weary of the cold winter months, thoughts turn to warmth and comfort.

And nothing is more warming than a big yellow sun.  Puddle Jumpers by Sus Designs exudes warmth and energy with its vibrant primary palette and fun, mostly weather-related,  elements.  It’s an upbeat and fun kit versatile enough to be used for a variety of layouts.

Becky created a dramatic yet fun two-page layout for the National Junior Theatre Festival.  The photos with their dark backgrounds look stunning on the yellow background and blue accents go so well with her photos.

As always, please feel free to click on the photos to view the larger images displayed in the gallery or to leave a comment for our E-scape Artists.

National Junior Theatre Festival 2011 by Becky

National Junior Theatre Festival 2011 by Becky

Dolphinsoul also used Puddle Jumper for her page titled Bill’s Birthday and Manta — in her own words:  “I found inspiration with all the rain elements to showcase the splashes of water we experienced at Sea World and especially the new Manta Ride!  It was our first time riding it and it was Amazing!!! I love the title block “Whatever the weather, we are in it together.” It was Bill’s birthday and looked like rain all day, but we still chanced going to the park dawning our ponchos, but the sun came out and it was the perfect day. The only way we got wet was sitting in the Splash zones of the Shows, the dolphin petting area, and the wall of water that comes up near us on the Manta ride.   I used the photos the actual ride going past as the top part of my background paper.”  I’m so glad that the weather cooperated with them and they were able to celebrate Bill’s birthday.

Bill’s Birthday and Manta by Dolphinsoul

Bill’s Birthday and Manta by Dolphinsoul

When I think of comfort, comfort food also comes to mind… like strawberries and cream which reminds me of Ruth Davis’ new kit Strawberries and Cream Elements and Papers.  It  is delightful with its soft pinks and beiges with a hint of green;  it is easy on the eye and also a nice back drop for photos with dark backgrounds.

Lainey used some recent photos of her granddaughter to create a very feminine page about dance practice.  The touch of green in the macramé bracelet draws your eyes to the photos.

Dance Practice by Lainey

Dance Practice by Lainey

Chocolate cupcakes are definitely another comfort food and Keling Bermuda did an awesome job of combining a birthday cupcake with Sus Designs’ newest kits, Foxy and Foxy Add-on.  Foxy has some fun and whimsical elements as well as richly textured papers in a lovely earth tone palette including foxy gray and russet.  Foxy Add-on follows up with some wonderful shabby papers and more cute elements.  What a yummy-looking treat!  Thanks Keling!!

Love Me Some Cupcakes by Keling Bermuda

Love Me Some Cupcakes by Keling Bermuda

With February right around the corner, love is another comfort that comes to mind and there’s also a few pages about love.  Keling Bermuda took her mouse in hand and created some extraordinary digital art using  Heart 2 Heart by The Busy Elf Designs.  Heart 2 Heart uses a palette of reds and pinks highlighted with black, white and gray.  There are some fun elements such as the glitter wing fairy and whimsical tree as highlighted in Amour.

Amour by Keling Bermuda

Amour by Keling Bermuda

In a totally different style, Babs created a beautiful layout called Extraordinary Day using Heart 2 Heart by The Busy Elf Designs which commemorates 35 years together for the lovely couple.  I love all the hearts and the elegant dark touches which compliments their photo perfectly!  Congratulations to the happy couple!

Extraodinary Day by Babs

Extraodinary Day by Babs

On a lighter note, Coppercurls used Kay Elfin’s newest kit,  Lovey Dovey, to create her tongue-in-cheek masterpiece, I’m a Sucker.  She used the bright and vibrant color palette and fun elements that define Lovey Dovey as well as her own Text on Path elements to complete her title.

I’m a Sucker by Coppercurls

I’m a Sucker by Coppercurls

Art Teacher created a beautiful layout using Kay’s Lovey Dovey about  Paisley.  As she explains, “This layout is of my sweet, shaggy doodle, of course! I never get tired of scrapping her!”  And, it’s quite understandable with such a dapper young lady!  Lovey Dovey’s bright colors are such a nice backdrop for Paisley.

She Stole Our Hearts by Art Teacher

She Stole Our Hearts by Art Teacher

And to wrap up our layouts on love, AnikA has also used Lovey Dovey to create her page, You are Beautiful, featuring her lovely daughter.  I think Koala1966’s comment sums it up so well — “Gorgeous! Great blending work, I love your cluster work with the elements and photos.”  As you can see Lovey Dovey works well for all sorts of styles and themes from fun through serious.

You are Beautiful by AnikA

You are Beautiful by AnikA

This concludes our E-scape Artist reveals for January 2011.  Thanks for spending  a few minutes reading our news.  Get comfortable, stay warm, and most of all, cherish loved ones.


Snow Much Fun by Elaine Dennison January 10, 2011

Winter has once again dusted much of our world in that magical white glittery fluff known as snow.  It seems as the weather has caused many people to change their plans and bend to nature’s plan.  All-in-all winter can be a magical time to relax and enjoy the bounty that winter has to offer.

Coppercurls created a fun page starting with photos of nieces and nephews on their snowmobiles enjoying the blizzard results.  Roxie inverted and recolored a paper from Julie Mead’s Winter Dreams Paper Collection to use as the backdrop, added a title from Julie’s 2010 Date Stamps,  and added some adorable elements from Early Winter by Steph Designs to complete her design.

Snowmobiling by Coppercurls

Snowmobiling by Coppercurls

Dmrdsm created a gorgeous page called Let It Snow using Julie’s Fa La La Complete Kit.  She recolored some of the elements in pink to match the little girl’s coat in the photo and it looks like she also used some of the doodles to create the background paper.  Love that awesome snowman — looks like somebody had a lot fun making that guy!!

Let It Snow by Dmrdsm

Let It Snow by Dmrdsm

Dshepard states, “This is for the “Snow Much Fun” reveal. Unfortunately we haven’t had any snow here yet this year, so these are some old pics that I never got scrapped from 2006. It’s amazing how snow brings out the kid in anyone and how much fun it is to play in the snow…even in our 30s! ”  Dshepard used Early Winter by Steph Designs to create her Freezy Fun page.

Freezy Fun by Dshepard

Freezy Fun by Dshepard

On the otherhand, Scrapyardkath has been having some severe winter weather in her neighborhood as evidenced by Blizzard 2010.  Look at how high the snow is on the deck (at least I’m assuming there’s a deck down below the snow) – it’s almost to the top of  the chairs.  What fun it would be to crunch on all that new fallen snow!

Blizzard 2010 by Scrapyardkath

Blizzard 2010 by Scrapyardkath

In stark contrast to the winter wonderland above, in her City Snow layout  the snow has been “tamed” to accommodate busy city life and provide other kinds of fun, like shopping and visiting museums.  Scrapyardkath used Shiver (how appropriately named!) by The Busy Elf Designs to create her beautiful pages.

City Snow by Scrapyardkath

City Snow by Scrapyardkath

Art Teacher created a delightful page of her dog playing in the snow.  “My dog, Paisley, loves to play with frozen tennis balls. She roots around for them in the snow and has a blast!”  She used Gouzinette Design’s Winter Flower Paper Pack, Kay Eflin’s It’s Cold Outside, and Vintage Snowfall.  Doesn’t Paisley look like she’s having loads of fun playing in the snow?

Snowballs by Art Teacher

Snowballs by Art Teacher

JD’s Mom created a lovely page using Snow Date by Ruth Davis.  As she so aptly explains, “[ I ] experimented a lot with different Photoshop Elements Effects, such as snow, Wow-Plastic Black and Waves, on the multiple layers within the text.”  In addition to outside fun, JD’s Mom has been having fun with PSE, too!

Snow Very Loved by JDsMom

Snow Very Loved by JDsMom

Lainey lives in Florida so she didn’t have any recent snow photos either.  Fortunately, after numerous pleas for snow photos, she received some photos from her daughter up north and was able create some snow pages too.  Granddaughter Piper loves playing outside in the snow.  Last year there wasn’t any snow and so she’s been having fun playing in the snow.  This snow is very dry and powdery so she gathers it up and makes her own little personal blizzards.  The expressions on her face shows how happy she is being outside and having fun playing in the snow.  The kit used was Early Winter by Steph Designs along with White Spaces Templates #4 by Sus Designs.  When you’re in a hurry or your mojo has deserted you, sometimes a template can inspire your creativity or help you discover a fun new style.

Snow Happy by Lainey

Snow Happy by Lainey

Snow Beautiful features granddaughter Lily outside wearing a beautiful smile.  Numerous products were used to design the page, primarily Julie’s Fa La La Complete Kit and Stitches Messy by Coppercurls Designs.  Sometimes it’s just fun mixing everything up to create a totally custom page.  And, for full credits for this page or any of our pages, please click on the page and be magically transported to the ESS Gallery.

Snow Beautiful by Lainey

Snow Beautiful by Lainey

This concludes our Snow Much Fun digital scrapbook layouts.  I hope you enjoyed viewing our pages as much as we enjoyed creating them for you!  And please feel free to post your scrapbook pages in the Escape and Scrap gallery; we’d love to see Snow many more Fun pages!


January Designer Spotlight on Rose Thorn Plus A Freebie December 31, 2010

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Hi! My name is Rose Thorn, aka Lady of the Thorns,  and I have worked with computer graphics and other computer software for a number of years in the computer industry since the 1980’s. I discovered the digital scrapbooking community in January of 2008 after searching for a way to speed up my work in creating a genealogical scrapbook as a wedding gift for my niece.

I have loved color, fabric, paper, nature and photographs, especially old and historical ones, for as long as I can remember. Growing up with parents and an extended family with many artistic talents allowed me a great appreciation for all things creative. I have tried my hand at a variety of hand-crafts and with digital scrapbooking I feel that I’ve finally found my artistic niche; this is the one that feels right.

Married over 20 years, mother of 2, when I’m not designing or digi-scrapping, I volunteer my time creating memory photo gifts and managing a web site for a non-profit group supporting bereaved parents. Please visit my BLOG and STORE at The Nifty Boutique.

Some of My Creations

MOST of my kits are S4Hire friendly—please check individual TOUs included in each kit.

Baby's Firsts

Christmas Time


Vintage Frame Collection

This kit is free for the month of January 2011.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: To get immediate access to this FREE offer, just add it to your cart along with any paid product. If you put this in your cart and it is not accompanied by a paid product it will be processed by hand. There may be a delay in getting your download processed but please be patient. We try to get these processed as soon as we can. The shopping cart should send you an automatic notice when we have upgraded your order.  We try to keep your wait time down to a minimum.