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5 Layouts to Love September 28, 2010

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Terrific 5 layouts!

Tiny photos with HUGE impact!

by pne123


by Tine


by dalis


by Pauline34


by steph


5 Layouts to Love September 26, 2010

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Scouring the galleries looking for unusual and inspiring layouts….what a fun job to have!

Today I was specifically looking for unusual ways to use products.

It didn’t take long to find 5 creative layouts like these.

(Be sure to click on the images to get all the details about these amazing pages)

by Vicki Walters


by regulargal


by mariedusicka


by Joyce de Jonge


by Heather H


5 Layouts to Love September 18, 2010

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One of our favorite blog posts is back:  5 Layouts to Love

We comb the galleries to find 5 unusual and inspiring layouts that we think you will love.  Maybe some day your layout will be chosen!

by Steph

I love the bright and cheerful colors splashed all over this beautiful layout!

by hollyinjapan

Who could resist this beautiful page with the joy of the jumping photos and all the adorable elements?  It certainly embraces its title ” Embrace Lift”.

by NW Lady

This layout has a soft touch of fall to it but with unusual colors that are just beautiful together.

by wisienka

This richness of this fall themed layout caught my attention right away.  I love how the photo just pops off the page amongst all the beautiful fall foliage.

by Nevache

If you love an altered art look then you will love this page like I do.  The worn look plus the hand painted and drawn look got my attention right away.


5 Layouts to Love April 20, 2010

Filed under: 5 Layouts to Love — Julie Mead @ 4:07 pm

by Shirley

A beautiful piece of art!  I love how Shirley used the pencils to look as if she just got done drawing with them.

by Coppercurls

Get ready for summer!  The perfect swimming pool alphabet for this page!  It looks like the refection from a swimming pool.  The swirls make great splashes on the page!

by Becky

Totally creative and fun!  The combination of the drawn hand with the real paintbrush is very clever.

by Milmomma

Another great photo effect!  I didn’t realize I had chosen another layout using a pencil as part of the page.  It does add a bit of fun to the layout though.

by Ella_75

I’ve never highlighted a 2 pager before but the simplicity of this one wowed me!  With great photos you don’t need much.


5 Layouts to Love April 16, 2010

Filed under: 5 Layouts to Love — Julie Mead @ 10:13 pm

by Gouzinette

Lots to love on this sweet little page by Gouzinette.  She used a photomask to bring in just a touch of paper behind the photo, a great way to reuse those photomasks.  I love the stacked layers of numbers leading up to the big 5!

by AnikA

The minute I saw this darling page I wanted to add it to the 5 Layouts to Love.  The giant moon next to the baby is so adorable.  It all goes together in such a cute way.

by cherryberry

Isn’t this a great page?!!  Earth Day is coming up.  The photo is a gentle reminder of why we take care of our world.

by clmisener

This is such a sweet photo and layout.  I love the softness of the page with the words spiraling around the little girl.  Notice how some of the details spill out beyond the photo.  Very sweet indeed!

by annelies1972

I think sepia was the perfect choice for this layout.  It goes so perfectly with the soft shades of lavender.  Just looking at the cute photo makes me smile!


5 Layouts to Love April 14, 2010

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by Kay Eflin

When I first saw this page I thought it was an edited photo until I read the credits.  It’s actually an extracted photo of the artist added to a background paper.  The simplicity of this is what really caught my eye and left an impact.

by Ruth Davis

Talk about impact.  A repeated photo of the artist as a little girl done in black and white, almost a shadow, is what makes this page really unique and pulls us in.  I love how each little girl is dressed up differently expressing how all of us are created with so many personality traits and talents.

by Gouzinette

White space layouts are always unique in the fact that they can really pack a punch with the stark contrast of white.  Gouzinette definitely created one stunning layout packed with fun!

by Sus Designs

It’s April and that means rain!  How fun to do a layout about rain boots.  Whoever wears these boots will have fun looking back at this layout and remembering these cute blue boots.

by wvsandy

So many things to love about this layout.  The big green “a” sure leaves an impact along with the cute photo treatment and bold colors.  Adding stitching around the part of the layout you want to highlight is a great technique!


5 Layouts to Love April 10, 2010

Filed under: 5 Layouts to Love — Julie Mead @ 4:42 am

Today I took a gander over to the Artisan Guild to see how scrappers used the new kit and/or tutorials from the April 2010 edition of Artisan Notebook™.  Lots of creativity going on!

by Jan Walker

Isn’t this a beautiful piece of art waiting to be hung up on the wall?  All the soft colors blend through with the photo so well to create this piece of art.

by Debb Cozzi

The painted look of the photo and background combined with the elements makes this page irresistible!

by codys

The techniques used on this photo were from a tutorial from the March issue of Artisan Notebook™.  I fell in love with the way this  photo turned out right away.  It looks like a watercolor painting.

by BGDesmet

This layout of a box of crayons totally blew me away.  It’s stunning with it’s bold colors and the finished painted look.

by Sparkysgirl

The repeated photo in different colors plus the bold colors is definitely reflective of the pop art culture.  What a great page!  I think it’s the splashes of black against those colors that make this page “POP”!