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Sweets and Treats by Elaine Dennison February 14, 2011

It’s February and the days are beginning to length and the promise of spring seems near.  The middle of the month brings us to Saint Valentine’s Day and the thoughts of love.  This month, our team worked on their choice of two themes:  Sweets for the Sweet or How do we Treat Ourselves.

Let’s begin with  “How I treat Myself”…

My $2 Treat by JD's Mom (Carol)

Carol,  aka JD’s Mom, did a great job of telling me about her page and with her permission, here’s her explanation:

“I took the “How We Treat Ourselves” theme to heart and looked down at my feet, which even in all this icy, wintry weather, I still had on my flip-flops.  I’m a flip-flop fan through-and-through and the cheaper the better.  They’re like reading glasses, you can never have too many or in too many colors!  Plus, if the dog chews them up or I break them, no sweat!!  I have been known to buy 6 or 8 pair at a time if I find them on sale…and my rule is never pay more than $2…unless they’re really, really cute.  It helps that I wear a size 2 and can buy them in the kids shoe section, lol!!

I used Julie Mead and Ruth Davis’ stunning collaboration Doodlicious which just JUMPED out at me when I was looking through the shop.  It is so bright and so cheerful–kinda the opposite of the weather we’ve had this past week!! ”

Thanks Carol for a stunning page and a wonderful reflection.

My Treat = Shopping by Art Teacher (Laura)

Art Teacher used paper and elements from Kay Elfin’s Lovey Dovey Addon and Paris Flea Market Scene 2 and frame cluster from Julie Mead’s Sweet Love Frames.  Laura’s journaling reads:  “Since I was about 12, I have loved going shopping for clothing and other “girly” things.  It never fails to cheer me up or get me motivated.  Of course, now that I’m the one paying, I have to use more common sense, but the main way I like to treat myself after a hard week is a little shopping trip!”

All I can add is that I can truly relate… retail therapy, YES!

My Valentine Candy Box by Scrapyardkath (Katherine)

And Scrapyardkath, oh my,  what a treat!  She used Things That Go Vroom ABR Brush Set by Julie Mead and Lovey Dovey by Kay Eflin.  Congrats on the gorgeous new car, Katherine!

Now let’s look at some Sweets for the Sweet…

All You Need is Cupcakes by Keling Bermuda (Sara)

I love Keling Bermurda’s  scrumptious  page…. chocolate cupcakes and raspberries – how divine!  She titled her creation, “All you need is … cupcakes” a take off on John Lennon’s song “All You Need is Love”.  Sara (aka Keling Bermuda) used Elements and Papers from True Love by Coppercurls Designs.

Sweets for my Guy by Lainey

Lainey used My Endless Love by Steph Designs to display the delicious chocolate covered strawberries that she fixed for her sweetie.  She explains that “it’s a traditional Valentine’s treat”.

Sweets for my Sweetie by Coppercurls (Roxie)

Coppercurls created a lovely page using Sierra Mini by Cheryl McCain, Sierra Petite by Cheryl McCain, and Paper Blenders by Coppercurls Designs.  The text reads:  ”Dear Blake, I know how much you love peanut butter and chocolate so I made these candies especially for you. I’m sorry you weren’t around to lick the chocolate from my hand. It was very good. Love, Roxi”    Great blending and yummy treats, Roxi!

Erica has been without a computer for the past couple of months and is now back with a passion.   She has provided some wonderful inspiration, both printable projects and layouts.  Welcome back, Erica!

Love Notes and Envelopes by Erica922 (Erica)

First Erica created some Valentine note cards and envelopes using Hearts and Flowers Revisited by Kay Elfin, Vintage Valentine Sweeties Stickers and Rub-Ons by Julie Mead, and Vintage Valentine Sweetie Paper Pack by Julie Mead.


Love Bookmark by Erica922 (Erica)

Next Erica made a lovely bookmark and matching envelope using Elements, Paper Pack, and Word Art from Kindred Spirits by Nifty Designers Series.   What a nice gift that would be to tuck into your sweetie’s lunch bag!

My Little Cookie by Erica922 (Erica)

Next up, is an adorable page of Erica’s little niece!  What a sweet photo!  Erica922 used Sweet Love Frames and Vintage Valentine Sweeties Stickers and Rub-Ons, both by Julie Mead.

Moments Together by Erica922 (Erica)

Erica created this beautiful page using Celebrate 08 by Julie Mead, Sierra Frame Cluster by Cheryl McCain, and Kindred Spirits Word Art by Nifty Designer Series.

As a treat for you, visit our previous posting,  Ready to Print Valentine Cards and Notes where Erica shared some of her lovely handiwork with everyone a few days ago.  Thanks, Erica!

That wraps up our team reveal on Sweets and Treats.  Remember to capture those Sweet moments and create tomorrow’s Treats.  Thanks for dropping by.


One Response to “Sweets and Treats by Elaine Dennison”

  1. erica Says:

    gorgeous work!!!! girls, fabulous pages~ tfs

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