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Meet Designer Roxanne Hardegree and Enjoy Her Free Sample! December 1, 2010

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Hi, I’m Roxi, a transplanted northerner to the beautiful plains of west Texas. I’ve been here a long time but still feel like I’m on vacation. I created my first photo collages in 2003 with Elements and discovered digital scrap-booking in 2006. I’ve been designing since 2007 and it’s been a challenge not being able to ‘touch’ my work like I can with fabric. I love gardening, used to make art quilts and teach, cooking, and learning everything I can about Photoshop. My real job is being a hair stylist 3 days a week (I have my own salon) and doing books for my husband, Blake’s, business. I love re-decorating my home and lately I’ve taken up learning photography the ‘right way’.

Roxi Hardegree
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Photo Textures CU

Coppercurls Template



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