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Happy Birthday E-scape and Scrap: Party Day #4 September 2, 2010

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Hi everyone!
Are you having fun? Have you found lots of the treasure hunt files yet, and what about the super 66¢ sales?
We have another game for you today.
Check out the gallery here
There will be a blurred preview to a kit which is in our store, with a small magnified section.
What you have to do is guess which designer and which kit it is. Please make your guesses in the gallery as comments.
The winner will be the first one to get it right!
You will receive a Quick Page designed by Anika and a template created by Steph Designs!

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what else is on sale for just 66¢, and look for the next game in the Guess the kit games!


We have a new game up in our gallery!
Spot The Difference!
The layout is in 2 halves, the left side is the original but the right side has 6 differences.
Can you guess what they are?
Leave your comments in the gallery
Oh, and make sure your contact details are in your profile, if you win, I will need to get your prize to you!


One Response to “Happy Birthday E-scape and Scrap: Party Day #4”

  1. eadie Says:

    Spot the difference game.
    1)Daisies are not the same size.
    2)orange and pink petals are flipped/reversed.
    3)words Bill and Playful are swapped.
    4)yellow daisy in the middle is flipped/reversed.
    5)the star in her hand is in a different position.
    6)The white stars in the back round are missing in the second pic.

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