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Happy Birthday E-scape and Scrap: Party Day #3 September 1, 2010

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Hi everyone!
Are you remembering to check our super 66¢ sales?
Here is your 2nd game in the Guess the Designer/Kit games.
Check out the gallery here
There will be a blurred preview to a kit which is in our store, with a small magnified section.
What you have to do is guess which designer and which kit it is. Please make your guesses in the gallery as comments.
The winner will be the first one to post the correct answer in the gallery and
will receive a fabulous Zodiac mini kit created by our very own Busy Elf!

We also promised to share the Treasure Hunt clues today, so here they are
You would collect these when you go on your travels
Take stock and have some bubblegum
It’s small but perfectly formed for the Professional
Add a blob of glitter
Love words that will get you talking
Full of plants and metal, the earth tones are perfect  if you love gardens
It may be blue but it’s not just sad
The dawn in autumn is full of my favourite colors
Spring? It certainly looks like it!
Antique cards but not the school report kind
This type of tea is healthy for you
I hate bugs, good job they only live in the yard!
Perfect if you have a sweet tooth
I love books, and libraries
The story is new to every new Mom
Snow is always beautiful and more so in the blue tinge of twilight
The water is calm and eyecatching
You can’t do your bathroom with these tiles but they will help you to say what you want
Add a sprinkle of dust for the faeries
The bundle is full of every day basics
Every baby has their first milestones
I’d love to holiday on an island, how dreamy would that be?
A little bit of vintage is Anne’s favourite style
You would want your haven to be quiet and peaceful
It’s the warmest time of the year, why not come for a sleepover?

If you still get stuck,  just leave us a comment and we will try to help. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the birthday kit!
Don’t forget to check back tomorrow to see what else is on sale for just 66c, and look for the next game in the Guess the kit games!


10 Responses to “Happy Birthday E-scape and Scrap: Party Day #3”

  1. schellie Says:

    wow, still stuck on 3 clues: numbers 3, 5 and 13. I’ll have a new look with a fresh mind tomorrow! Realy wouldn’t want to miss one single part!

  2. Bandito Says:

    need a clue to find #15 – have the rest …

  3. Bandito Says:

    meant part #15 not clue #15…

  4. schellie Says:

    Yeah!!!! I managed to finish all 25 links!
    Thanks ladies for all the wonderful parts! I’m going to treasure this kit!
    Could it be there is one part missing? I miss the capricorn in Bernadette’s (bhunt) zodiacs and the taurus in Ladybug’s (LBD) zodiacs. Maybe some files got lost, cause there were 2 files the same (9 & 10)? I hope these 2 lost zodiacs will be found.

  5. Laura Says:

    Any hints for clue 3? I still can’t find that one.

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