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Team Reveal — Dog Days of Summer by Elaine Dennison August 9, 2010

Filed under: E-scape Artists Team Reveals — Julie Mead @ 10:46 pm

“Dog Days” are the hottest, most humid days of summer, a time to relax, take it easy and for a lot of families, a time for summer vacation. The term originated from ancient times from the belief that Sirius, the dog star, caused the excessive heat of summer because it is almost as bright as the sun. Although various cultures have designated differing days to represent Dog Days, the general timeframe is between July and September. Of course, in the Southern hemisphere, “Dog Days” occur between January and March.  For our creative team reveal for August our  theme was “Dog Days”.

Reveal Aug - Dog Days

Lynn used the theme to journal a special outing to the museum with her grandchildren. Click on the image to visit her gallery and see the credits.

I used a photo of our granddaughter playing in the pool and our dog Heidi watching the activities.  What a perfect way to cool off on a sultry Florida day.  To view a larger image and credits, click on the image above.


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