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Update on the Boutique July 7, 2010

Filed under: Digital Scrapbooks — Julie Mead @ 6:30 am

I would like to bring you all up-to-date on the E-scape and Scrap Boutique.  You probably have noticed that the boutique does not look like its normal self these days.   It has seen its share of web host problems this summer.  My hope was that the new web host would be able to fix the original problems and get the site back up and running as usual but that was not possible.  My understanding is that the site was put on more than one server.  The new host has been trying to access the information on these servers but there just seems to be more issues as time goes by.  I hope you will hang in there with us and we will soon be back to normal with lots of new products for you to enjoy.  Thanks for your words of understanding and encouragement.  It’s been quite a challenge for all of us to deal with our store not functioning properly and our hands being tied.  With lots of positive thoughts hopefully I will have good news soon!

Thanks again!

Julie Mead

owner of E-scape and Scrap


One Response to “Update on the Boutique”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I miss your cheery presence in my scrapping and inbox! I hope things get sorted for you soon. Please don’t give up!

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