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The E-scape Artists Team Reveal: Extractions May 16, 2010

Filed under: E-scape Artists Team Reveals — Julie Mead @ 6:17 pm
Extractions by Elaine Dennison

Extracting people, pets, and objects from photos is quite a popular technique and much easier to accomplish with newer photo-editing software.  For example, you can find yourself in any location. Pick anything you can imagine from outer space to King Arthur’s round table and most likely there will be a digital scrapbook kit available to transport you to your imaginary destination.
In this layout, which I called Snow Princess, I started out with an ordinary photo of our granddaughter Lily lounging on the bed.  I cut out or extracted Lily mostly from the background.  I say mostIy because the folds and wrinkles that Lily made while lying on the white sheets provided the shading which meant that I didn’t have to add any shadows when I placed her in the snow.  I feathered the sheet edges to aid in the transition from photo to snow scene.  Of course, if I had placed Lily in an open meadow or in the sky, then I would have totally erased the background and then used drop shadows to add realism to the illusion.  For this page, I used Ikscrap’s adorable kit, Painting Winter Wonders Elements and Painting Winter Wonders Papers. [For full credits on any layout, click on the image or  title below the image.]
Now on to some eye-candy created by my other Escape and Scrap Creative Team members.
Erica has created some fantastic pages of her daughter by extracting her daughter using a rainbow backdrop for one and a lovely mossy old courtyard for another.  In the first layout, my Beauty, Erica used Renewed Faith Easter Element Pack, Renewed Faith Element Pack, and Renewed Faith Paper Pack by Julie Mead.  For the second page, growing, Erica used Ancient Doorways Set 02 – Fantasy Paper Set by Scrapdragon Designs.
Katherine used Julie Mead’s Sunrays Today to create this cute page. Welcome Flat Annabella,  when daughter received flat Annabella in the mail.
Lynn created a beautiful fantasy layout called Carefree Spirit using Paint Your Garden Elements and Paint Your Garden Papers by Ikscrap.  Lynn extracted a little girl from the photo, placed her running in the meadow, and gave her some wings to speed her journey.  A creation that any little girl would love to see framed on her bedroom wall!

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