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Nifty How-To #7–Using PNG Brush Files in DIP May 26, 2007

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This layout was created by Jackie Rushing, CT at e-scapeandscrap.

I used at least one brush from each of the Painted Brush Strokes Sets 2, 3, and 4. I use DIP to put together most of my layout. I had used the brushes before and used my “fill with color or texture” tool to change their color, but found that I lost the depth and texture of the paint stroke.
My program would not let me take the original stroke and change the hue because there was “not enough color”, as it is black and white. To get color in to the image that I could work with, I tinted them very strongly with different shades of blue and green. Then I was able to play with the hue and saturation settings.

For spots that were particularly dark, and still looked black even after adding color, I used my color selection wand to select the areas, raised the brightness level, and followed the same tinting and adjusting procedure.


Layout Credits:

Template by anita stergiou
Paper and paint by julie mead
strips paper by katie the scrapbook lady


One Response to “Nifty How-To #7–Using PNG Brush Files in DIP”

  1. Judy Says:

    What a gorgeous layout! Thank you for sharing how to do this in DIP. This is very helpful!

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