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Nifty Show Me How-to #1 April 11, 2007

Filed under: Digital Scrapbooks,Photoshop Tutorials — Julie Mead @ 12:28 pm

Turn a Photo into a Coloring Book Page

Easter is over but not the memories. Turn your photos into coloring pages the kiddos can enjoy after the holidays. I used a photo of Erica’s son counting his egg treasures.

{Photoshop Instructions}

Crop the photo to simplify the picture. Duplicate this layer and name it Layer 1. Now Desaturate Layer 1 so you have a black and white photo. You’ll find the Desaturate command in the drop down menu under Image>Adjustments.

You will need to duplicate Layer 1 for the next step and name it Layer 2. With Layer 2 selected, invert the photo so it looks like a negative. You’ll find the invert command in the drop down menu under Image>Adjustments.

Choose the Color Dodge blend mode in your Layers palette. Your Layer 2 will almost disappear.

Next use the Filters menu and choose one of the blur choices. You can use the Gaussian, Radial or Motion blurs for this step. Move the slider slowly to the right until you have a coloring book effect for your photo. {Thanks for Jennifer Apple for inspiration}

{Digital Image Pro Instructions}

Crop your photo to contain the details you want to save. Choose Filters > Arts and Crafts > Photocopy and play with the advanced options until you get the look of a coloring page.

{Paint Shop Pro Instructions}

Using Paint Shop Pro Photo XI and the black and white pencil script, you can easily turn a photo into a coloring book page. Either turn on the script toolbar by selecting View > Toolbars > Script then select black and white pencil from the drop down and click the GO (arrow) button.

Or, find the script by selecting File > Script > Run. which drops you into an explorer window. Select black and white pencil PspScript from the file list and click open. Click OK through the screens, leveraging the default values. (You can always undo and see what happens as you change some of the default values too.) {Thanks to e-scape’s CT Glenda for instructions.}

Print and supply your budding artists with personal pages of themselves and family for happy coloring!



13 Responses to “Nifty Show Me How-to #1”

  1. Pam aka PamPie Says:

    I like the idea of making coloring pages for the kiddos, reviewing special events in a fun way!

  2. Ruth(pics) Says:

    I am going to have to try this! Always something to learn!

  3. dianalyn Says:

    thank you !

  4. Dee Says:

    Thanks so much…perfect for the grandkids..I will try this. 8^)

  5. Josie Says:

    Cool idea for the coloring page. Thanks for the Tut!

  6. LilyBelle Says:

    This is really interesting and the instructions are excellent! Thank you!

  7. Jenna Says:

    ooooh TY for this, I tried it out and it is SO neat! 🙂

  8. Sharon aka Scrapcat4914 Says:

    Thank you so very much for the beautiful alpha’s!!!

  9. cicoria123 Says:

    Great Alpha!! Thank you so much.

  10. patty Says:

    Just love your alpha~so very nice for you to share this fabulous gift 🙂

  11. Brenda Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the tut with us. It is a great idea that I will be doing as soon as I get a chance. I also wanted to that you for the beautiful alpha. I really like your blog very informative and fun to visit.

  12. Mari Says:

    Thanks so much for the Spring Romance Freebies. The stamps were just what I was looking for to do a layout. I posted it in my digital scrapbook group and I have had many positive comments. I would love to share it with you if you would like. I used the entire alphabet and some papers from the kit. Feel free to email me if you would like to see it. Thanks Again.

  13. grambie Says:

    Wonderful colors that really will enhance any type layout. Love the stamp shape for the alphas. So pretty. Wonderful blog & so pretty freebies. Also, love your kit you did for Linda’s Premium Newletter Subscribers. The colors just reflect the happiness & joy of any occasion. TFS.

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